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English-chinese phrasebook

English-chinese phrasebook was created by experts of Flarus translation company. Editors and translators who are native speakers of languages participated in the project. We did not have a goal of creating a full-scale phrasebook for all possible cases. It includes only the most essential phrases with translation and transcription.

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English-chinese phrasebook - Conversation 谈话
I, me / You 我/您
Yes / No 是/不是
Good / Bad 好/不好
Hello / Good-bye 您好/再见
Good morning / Good night 早上好/晚安
Thank you / Please 谢谢/请
Excuse me (when addressing someone) 打扰了(交流时)
What is your name? 您怎么称呼?
Please let me through 请借过
Can you tell me 请告诉我
Help me, please 请帮帮我吧
Write this 请把它写下来
Repeat 请重复一下
I don`t understand 我不明白
Do you speak English? 您会说英语吗?
English-chinese phrasebook - Numbers 数字
one / two / three 一/二/三
four / five / six 四/五/六
seven / eight / nine 七/八/九
ten / hundred / thousand 十/百/千
English-chinese phrasebook - Date 日期
Weekend (Day off) 休息日
English-chinese phrasebook - Week
Monday 星期一
Tuesday 星期二
Wednesday 星期三
Thursday 星期四
Friday 星期五
Saturday 星期六
Sunday 星期日
English-chinese phrasebook - Month
January 一月
February 二月
March 三月
April 四月
May 五月
June 六月
July 七月
August 八月
September 九月
October 十月
November 十一月
December 十二月
English-chinese phrasebook - Hotel 宾馆
Room number 号码
Room 房间
Accommodation 住宿
Night 夜(酒店住宿)
I have booked a room 我订了房间
(It is) cold / (it is) hot 冷/热
Give me the key to the room 钥匙(酒店房门)
child 婴儿
adult 成人
passport 护照
Do not disturb 请勿打扰
Wake me up at... 在叫醒我
English-chinese phrasebook - Car 汽车
Road 道路
Turn 转弯
Intersection 路口
Stop 停止
Detour 绕道
No passage 禁止通行
Parking 停车场
Gas station / Fill it up with gas / Gasoline 加油/加满/汽油
Fine (ticket) / documents 罚金/文件
I want to rent a car 租车/汽车租赁
My car broke down 我的车坏了
Autoservice 汽车维修
English-chinese phrasebook - Signs 路牌
Attention 注意
Entrance / Exit 入口/出口
Left / Right 向左/向右
Closed / Open 封闭/开放
Occupied / Free (Open) 忙/闲
Prohibited / Allowed 禁止/允许
Start / End (Finish) 开始/结束
Pull / Push 拉/推
Here / There 这里/那里
No smoking 禁止吸烟
Danger 危险
Careful 小心
Break 休息
Crossing 过道
Information 信息
Restroom 洗手间
English-chinese phrasebook - Transportation 交通
Where is... 在哪里
city 城市
cash register 收银处
city map 城市地图
I would like to call a Taxi 我想叫出租车
Bus 公共汽车
Stop 车站
Airport / Airplane / Flight 机场/飞机/航班
Baggage 行李
Train 火车
Direction 方向
Departure / Arrival 出发/到达
East / West / North / South 东/西/北/南
English-chinese phrasebook - Services 服务
Passport control 护照检查
Customs 海关
I lost my documents 我的文件丢了
Hospital / Pharmacy / Doctor 医院/药店/医生
Ambulance 救护车
Fire department 消防服务
Police 警察局
Post office 邮局
English-chinese phrasebook - Restaurant / Café / Bar 餐厅/咖啡厅/酒吧
Waiter 服务员
I want to reserve a table 我要预订一桌
Menu / Kids menu 菜单/儿童菜单
Cold / Hot / Warm 冷/烫/加热
Bon appetit! 吃好喝好!
Glass / Cup 玻璃杯/茶杯
Bottle / Glass 瓶/高脚杯
with / without (something) 不加/加(某物)
Wine / Beer 葡萄酒/啤酒
Coffee / Milk / Tea 咖啡/牛奶/茶
Juice 果汁
Bread 面包
Cheese 奶酪
Porrige / Pancakes 粥/薄饼
Sugar / Salt 糖/盐/胡椒
Meat / Fish / Poultry 肉/鱼/家禽
Lamb / Beef / Pork 羊肉/牛肉/猪肉
Boiled / Fried / Grilled 煮/炒/烤架
Dessert / Fruit 甜点/水果
Apple 苹果
Grapes 葡萄
Banana 香蕉
Apricot / Peach 杏/桃
Orange / Lemon 橙/柠檬
Strawberry 草莓
Pomegranate 石榴
Vegetables / Salad 蔬菜/沙拉
Potatoes 土豆
Pepper 胡椒
Rice 米饭
Garlic 大蒜
English-chinese phrasebook - Payment / Money 付款/钱
Check, please 请结账
Price 价格
I want to pay by credit card 我想用信用卡支付
Change / No change / Tips 找零/不找零/小费
English-chinese phrasebook - Store / Groceries 商店/产品
What is this? 这是什么?
Show me... 请给我看看...
How much is... 多少钱
kilo 公斤
large / small 大/小
Cheap 便宜
Discount 折扣
English-chinese phrasebook - Color 颜色
light / dark 明/暗
white / black 白色/黑色
gray 灰色
red 红色
blue 青色
light blue 蓝色
yellow 黄色
green 绿色
brown 棕色
orange 橙色
purple 紫色
English-chinese phrasebook - Sickness 疾病
My ... hurts 我的痛
head / throat / stomach / tooth 头/喉咙/胃/牙齿
leg / arm / back 腿/手臂/后背
I have a fever 我发烧了
Call a doctor 请叫医生

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